Ready, Set, Move

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  • if the weather is nice, have a sale! Many people find items that have been forgotten about when preparing for a garage sale, yard sale, flee market etc. With the profit of the sale and less inventory to move, you have just saved doubled!
  • get your children’s school transcripts and register them at their new school.
  • don’t forget to update your license or STATE ID card at your local DMV or city hall. New or current New Jersey residence may update there information here at NJDMV.
  • make a list of recurring mail such as magazine subscriptions, bills, insurances etc. and notify them of your new address.
  • reserve the freight elevator at all locations. In some buildings a certificate of insurance “COI” is required to move in and out of. If applicable, ask your building manager for their COI application.
  • be sure to forward the rest your USPS mail.​


  • pack articles from dressers, cabinets, nightstands etc. into boxes. To prevent anything from moving inside the furniture during transport, all furniture must be empty.
  • separately pack liquids/fluids such as detergent, liquors, oils etc. Liquids are prohibited on truck
  • you may pack boxes with an average weight of 35 pounds. (Over-Weight Charges May Apply)
  • carefully pack your explosives separately such as fireworks, gun power, gasoline etc. and arrange for their transport. Explosives are strictly prohibited on the truck.
  • you can wrap fragile items into boxes with a durable medium. For insurance purposes, all fragile items must be well protected and boxed.
  • spackle drywalls from back of door knobs and picture nails.
  • mark all boxes with a number and download this PDF moving inventory list. In this list write down the box numbers and its contents inside to help you stay organized.
  • mark all boxes with a box location such as master bedroom, hallway closet, basement etc. At the destination, label the rooms with the box location name. This will help the team move efficiently.
  • make reservation to safely park the moving truck for the move day(s) at all locations. Some city allow an individual to obtain a permit for temporary parking for the day of the move.​​
  • call your electric company and cable provider to change servicing location.


  • pack an overnight bag for you and your family. Be sure to include an extra set of under garments, phone chargers, and toiletries. You can also use this space to take important documents with you.
  • carefully disassemble baby crib. TIP: take pictures/notes and keep loose screws in a zip-lock bag.
  • unplug, empty and dry-out water appliance such as washing machines, air conditioners, and freezers at least a day before move. All appliances must be empty and dry for transport.
  • drain gas power appliances and let it dry for about 24 hours.
  • have door locks or passwords to new location changed and updated.
  • if move date needs to be change, notification must be made via email 48 hours prior move date.
  • make arrangements with family or friends to watch over any children or pets.


  • pack-up the last of your essential items such as wallet, glasses, keys, phone, and cash together.
  • be sure to pack any daily medication separately to take with you and to keep away from children.​
  • have cleaning materiel and/or paint ready to correspond with the move or we can offer cleaning services at a discount price. Many, if not all, tenants are require to return unit in its original condition in order to receive deposit back.
  • purchase a couple cases of water especially for hot days.
  • you and your family will get hungry. Do some research for some local delivery around your new home. You could also prepare food that won’t spoil quickly such as cold cuts and sandwiches.