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We understand living the military life has its own unique set of expenses from deployment, training and schooling to relocating across the world. With our military discount, active and non-active members will receive 20% off. In addition, active members will receive a $100 dollar value of supplies. We will also provide short and long term storage for your items at a 5% discount monthly. On behalf of everyone here at Economic Moving Group, we would like to thank all servicemen and women for their time and dedication serving our country.


We take pride in servicing our senior citizens and helping with their move. We are happy to assist anyone 50 years or older with a 10% discount. In addition, we will give you $59 of supplies to use for your move and 5% off monthly storage.


To meet customer demands, we’ve partnered up with a local cleaning service to fully clean moving-out and moving-in locations from vacuuming the rugs, wiping the windows to scrubbing the oven and bathrooms. We can offer 15% off cleaning services to our customers by booking with us.